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Putting people first

Nate Garvis is on a mission to make the subject of civics cool. His web site,, encourages people in the conversation about the rights, duties and opportunities we share as citizens. For those who think of civics as a product of the government instead of a path to the common good, Nate will set you straight: “No one does well in a bad community. Building the kind of world we want to live, work and play in, to raise and educate our children in—that cannot be the job of just one sector. It is an opportunity in which everyone can participate.”

Nate talks today about putting people first and giving them an opportunity to play a role in their own civic space. Somewhere in recent history, the barriers of institutional thinking have kept people out of the conversation about their very way of living. According to Nate, we created a mindset about the government that in exchange for taxes, the common good would be served. As Nate would be the first to ask: How’s the working for you?

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